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Florida has many risks when it comes to driving in the state, and there are laws in place to help people out financially if they run into one of these risks. With over 250,000 miles of roads in the state, not only are accidents a potential risk, but weather, theft, and other perils can also be experienced. Outside of this, there are many drivers in Florida who are operating motor vehicles without insurance. Due to this, insurance plans that include uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage are essential. The first step to getting the right automobile insurance plan for you is knowing what the minimum requirements for auto insurance in Florida are.

Auto Insurance Rates By State

Most Expensive States For Car Insurance

Michigan, Louisiana, and Florida have some of the highest rates for automobile insurance. This does not always mean that overall costs associated with automobile accidents also average more in the states, however, due to each state having different minimum requirements for what people have to buy. That said, some states are up to 65% or more higher than the national average, which is at $1,450. Michigan is the most expensive state to insure your vehicle in, with Louisiana a few hundred dollars on average behind. Florida, Oklahoma, and Washington round out the list of highest prices for car insurance by state in 2019.

Car insurance laws sometimes change, however, leading to possible changes on this list in 2020 and in the future. In many cases, auto insurance is more expensive in some states due to factors like weather that is more likely to damage vehicles, high population density in areas in the state, and the number of uninsured drivers there. If there are more significant numbers of uninsured drivers, it tends to be more expensive to get auto insurance on your vehicle.

The Cheapest States For Car Insurance

On the opposite end of this, states that have a higher percentage of people who are adequately insured, as well as states that have larger rural areas, tend to see the lowest car insurance rates overall. States like Maine have up to 40% lower auto insurance rates on average, coming in at $850 for an annual car insurance premium. Wisconsin and Idaho are next on this list, with Virginia and Iowa rounding it out. The difference, on average, between car insurance rates in Michigan and car insurance rates in Maine are almost $1,800.

Reasons The National Average Can Change

In 2019 there was almost a $100 per year increase on average car insurance rates from the previous year. Multiple variables can lead to changes in the national average. Sometimes cities that were not considered as high-risk for natural disasters and other weather damage had an event happen that ended up increasing rates in that area. Also, sometimes newer vehicles that come out cost more to repair due to technology and parts. If more people are buying newer cars, and the newer cars are more expensive to fix, insurance rates can go up on average. Many other factors are used to determine a person’s prices, and many of these can change the national average from one year to the next.

What Are Car Insurance Risk Factors?

Other than where you live, many other variables are considered when car insurance providers give a potential customer an estimate of what their premium will be. Some of these factors cannot be controlled/directly changed by the person getting auto insurance, however. This includes things like age, gender, and sometimes vehicle model. Most people are not going to be going out and purchasing a new vehicle just so they can get lower car insurance premiums. However, some people do decide to buy cars based on both their needs and how much insurance they will end up paying on the vehicle.

Other than that, a person’s credit score, driving record, gender, and year the vehicle was made are all considered when your premium is determined. There are other factors as well, including car insurance laws in your state, claim rates in your area, crime rates where you live, and more. Shopping around is the best way to save money on auto insurance. The tools at State Auto Insurance can help you find the best rates on car insurance available for you. With free quotes, you can compare policies line by line to determine which plan is best for you. There are other variables to consider as well, like customer service and the financial strength of the company you are considering purchasing insurance from.

Final Notes

Getting the right auto insurance plan to fit your needs is essential. Not only that, but due to each state having different requirements for auto insurance, you may decide it is best to get more than the minimum limits required. State Auto Insurance has the information you need, as well as the tools, to get the best car insurance plan and auto insurance discounts available for your situation. Get free quotes for car insurance today and compare rates. Drive legally and save money in the process by taking advantage of the tools here at State Auto Insurance today.

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